Monday, 27 April 2015

Simple Ribbon Flower TUTORIAL

A quick post to say that I have a new flower tutorial available to view on my SixInchSquare Blog.

I have been asked if I'm ever going to revive some of the tutorials from my old Floral Fancies website...and whether I'm going to do any flower makes for those who do not do paper crafting or own/use paper die cutting machines....

The answer is yes...and yes! I will be adding some of the old tutorials, although many are a little outdated and require re formatting and that might take some time. Please bear with me on this as I'm also in the process of setting up a new shop to sell my StudioForty I've still got a lot of paper flower tutorials to also work my way through.

A couple of the old Floral Fancies tutorials, however I am transfering direct...

and here's one to kick start it all off -

Click on the link below the image to be taken direct to the blog post.

This ones quite a nice easy project only requiring basic sewing skills...and a few scraps of ribbon.

have fun!

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